What is a Veggie Pod

Your daily dose of greens in one little pod. You can eat it or drink it or add to any great dish. The options are endless.

A Veggie Pod box is a recipe of essential organic greens, spices, a lemon and an apple. Each 110g pod equals the recommended nutritional serve of greens for the day. Blended then frozen locking in the nutritional benefits. The Veggie Pod Box holds x7 pods, making it your complete week's serve of greens.


Blended. Not Juiced. No Waste. No Mess. Just Goodness.


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    These pods make getting your daily greens so quick and convenient. It's vital we get good nutrients into our bodies and these just make it easy! This is the best treat you can give your body first thing in the morning! Thank you Sky!

    Martin Glastonbury

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    Absolutely delicious! My husband wasn't keen to try and ended up really enjoying the pods. Supporting local is important to us, we love that these are Australian grown and made.

    Sophie Julian

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    Deliciously good!

    Absolutely obsessed with these pods! Taste great and have become a staple! My kids love the smoothies I am making and are begging me to make them all day long. Beautiful, friendly service... what's not to love!

    Candice Kettewell

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