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NURTURE Veggie Pod Box

5 x 110g Blended Vegetable Pods in each box.

GSNURTURE, our second greens offering, is a gentle blend designed for those seeking relief from inflammatory conditions such as gout and gallstones. With carefully selected ingredients, Nurture offers a soothing and supportive option, providing comfort and nourishment to those with sensitivities. Experience the nurturing power of this blend and embrace a path towards wellness and vitality.

Each pod provides a serving of greens recommended for daily consumption, promoting skin and body hydration, nourishment, balance, and restoration of a healthy appearance.

As a blend of whole foods, veggie pods offer a wealth of nutrients and fiber while being low in calories. Consuming a diet rich in leafy greens with ingredients that enhance mineral uptake can yield numerous health benefits, such as decreased likelihood of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cognitive decline.


cucumber, green apple, bok choi, fennel, lemon, coriander, ginger, mint, linseeds.


Oxalate is an organic acid found in many foods such as cereals, cocoa, spinach, strawberries and nuts.  People who are sensitive to pain and inflammation can be triggered by foods that have high levels of oxalic acid.

A daily boost of organic greens in one little pod. Pull out of the freezer and add to any great dish or just pop straight into a glass of water.

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