Great health means going back to nature.

To sustainably deliver a nutrient dense, plant-based, whole food product with the most impressive nutritional profile, using only 100% organic local ingredients, supporting local growers while minimising waste at every step.

“We are what we eat.” - Hippocrates.

GreenSky Veggie Pod

Your Greens For the Day

A Veggie Pod is a convenient health food meal, a vegetable booster, a required nutritional serving of greens for the day.

Veggie Pods

Meet Founder, Sky Hunt

Sky grew up on the Northern Beaches in NSW with parents who are keen on nature and good health. Instinctively, she’s dedicated her life figuring out ways to help improve and support others wellbeing.

Today, Sky lives in South East Queensland with her own family, bio-hacking her way through the clutter of nutritional science and human behaviour.

If you know me at all, you will know that my distain for vegetables throughout my entire life is real and the lengths to avoid them have been great. Lord knows my family tried to encourage me. It a vegetable’s odour and texture. Their bitter taste, the lack of immediate reward. The fact that they’re hard to swallow and that deep green colour, it’s just so dark and scary!!

I don’t really care for food. To me it’s just fuel. I eat just enough to stay nourished, function and look healthy and then snack on junk as a filler from hunger. My poor husband. He was very hungry our first year of marriage - I’m a good cleaner so the tradeoff was made early. He cooks. I clean. Win-Win.

After 40 something vegetable-free years, my immunity was very sluggish. I had been popping Codral Cold & Flu tablets every six weeks for 20 years. My cousin felt I might have an immunity problem. She said “Sky, avoiding vegetables is not a great health plan” and suggested I have a daily dose of greens in a smoothie -“Down the hatch”. I remember this conversation well because we were sitting in her kitchen / dinning room. Behind her I could see the most disgusting looking blender of thick, green gunk. It was like a Shrek’s swamp and quite frankly, it turned me off vegetables for another two years.

Early 2015 I “caught” the mother of all Colds and it did not go away. The Codral failed me. I had this permanent head-cold. My nose was red raw and my head just throbbed. I could only speak “husky”. It was so bad that I could not go to work. I was always able to work through a stupid cold. ALWAYS. After six months of this we moved interstate earlier than planned, accusing the home and my environment to be the problem. New home, warmer state and still I was sick. Doctors, antibiotics, sick days, meditation… nothing worked.

It wasn’t until mid-2016 I took myself to a local cafe, craving for something refreshing. I saw a green smoothie on the menu and actually ordered it. 9 whopping dollars for what was essentially apple juice with some spinach and a bit of mint. I justified the expense as a healthy meal. It was sensational. So sweet and refreshing. So green and healthy. So achievable that even I can do this!!

I did do this!! I grabbed my bag to pay. I raced to the nearest fruit market and started my new daily ritual. My husband came on board pretty quickly - our children took a little longer to convince… I finessed the recipe by keeping the apple as a whole, not just juice and added a heap of other leafy greens and some boosters (ginger and turmeric). After about a week I felt more energetic and regular. A few more weeks later I felt my skin, hair and nails were stronger. At around the 2 month mark I noticed that I had not been sick in weeks - not even a sniffle. I was blown away!! Only a matter weeks to feel really healthy, look amazing and be very well.

In April 2018 I launched my own business with one product: Veggie Pods - your daily dose of greens in one little pod. Designed for busy people who care about their health. And the business name? It was time to shake hands with my nemesis and become partners. I named my business GreenSky.

Enjoy. Sky x

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    Both convenient and delicious! Being a vegetarian and running my own business I find it difficult to fit in my daily greens. These pods have helped significantly with energy levels and time management. Highly recommended!

    Georgia Hardy

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    Really great way of getting those beautiful nutrients & goodies into your system. I mix a veggie pod into a glass of apple, carrot & ginger juice. Or, sometimes mix a pod into a bowl with 2-3 spoonfuls of yoghurt. Or sometimes, mix a pod into my mince (a bachelor’s way of getting his nightly greens.... yum 😁). So easy & so versatile. Thanks Sky

    Ben Copeman

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    As a Mum, it is easy to fall into the habit of prioritising everyone else’s needs before my own, which isn’t great in the long run. Yet these little pods make me feel proud that I’m doing something quick and easy (but so important) for myself each day. Thanks Sky.

    Kat Ure