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Our Promise

Great health means going back to nature.

To sustainably deliver a nutrient dense, plant-based, whole food product with the most impressive nutritional profile, using only 100% organic local ingredients, supporting local growers while minimising waste at every step.

“We are what we eat.” - Hippocrates.

Meet Sky

GreenSky Founding Story

The GreenSky Mission

Veggie Pods help improve your wellbeing through the restorative healing powers in real food.

Through ingenious recipe design, Veggie Pods increase antioxidant intake, reduce inflammation to support gut health, and calms stress. For optimum body performance taking the Veggie Pod daily as a green smoothie, or with any great dish gives essential, whole body nourishment.

Veggie Pods increase immunity and protection from disease and are delivered as an easy to use, store and prepare source of delicious tasting organic whole foods.

Suitable for adults and children, using Veggie Pods saves time, money and effort while providing the delicious goodness of convenient organic whole foods.

Committed to sustainability, we source all of GreenSky’s organically grown ingredients locally.

The world we are working to create at GreenSky.

Helping people live with more vibrancy.

Are you feeling flat?

Are you finding yourself unwell often?

Do you just feel like you want more vegetables?

Do you want to eat more vegetables but find it hard to make that happen?

GreenSky is a painless and suprisingly tasty way to get the nutrition that your body is craving.

We make it easy to love your body / feed your body wellness & life.

We want you to be able to focus on the important things in life knowing that you and your families immune systems, guts and wellness are being boosted with every GreenSky Pod