Meet Creator, Sky Hunt

Sky grew up on the Northern Beaches in NSW with parents who are keen on nature and good health. Instinctively, she’s dedicated her life figuring out ways to help improve and support others wellbeing.

Today, Sky lives in South East Queensland with her own family, bio-hacking her way through the clutter of nutritional science and human behaviour.

For years, Sky saw food as mere fuel

...avoiding vegetables due to their taste and texture. A persistent illness led her to discover a transformative green smoothie, inspiring her to launch "GreenSky" in 2018, a company focused on making daily greens convenient. Her journey from vegetable skeptic to advocate emphasises the power of small changes and taking charge of your health.

Great health means going back to nature

“We are what we eat.” - Hippocrates.

  • We can't stand waste.

    We understand that being mindful of how we do business and take care of our environment is not just a choice but a necessity. It's about looking out for our planet and the generations to come. From the materials we use to how we make our products, we're always working to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe that making sustainability a non-negotiable part of our everyday life sets a positive example and helps create a more sustainable global community.