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Monthly Newsletter

1 August 2022

Beauty is a signal

It's time to talk about it.


Beauty, the signal for a mate. 

Good skin or lots of muscles is an assumption of our health and it communicates our ability of bringing offspring into the world.  This instinct is practically like being able to read genetic code.

Essentially, when we put resources into being healthy, we are sending signals of our ability.  It tells others how capable we are of contributing towards our family, our community and the world around us.

It turns out that being more attractive is as simple as being more healthy, and that we have a choice to make things better.

Seek out actual, useful and honest signals of beauty with incredible outcomes.  Find one simple health choice that makes an enormous difference.

And know that Ugg boots, like high heels, are also a signal of beauty. 


27 June 2022

How you can tell it's working

7 signs your nutritional plan is working.

Within the first few days you may feel more energized, alert and less bloated. After the first full week or two, you may experience changes in body composition, skin complexion and your mood. After a month and onward, you may have dropped some extra weight, lowered cholesterol levels and decreased high blood pressure.  It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”.

1. You feel satisfied after meals
2. You have more energy
3. You're sleeping better
4. You have a regular bowel movement
5. You're in a better mood
6. Your immune system becomes stronger
7. You have increased mental alertness


1 June 2022

Average stuff to average people

What we ask for, what we buy, what we pay for is what supermarkets respond to...…the Supermarket is not your friend.  The supermarket doesn’t care about your health.  They react to whatever it is that you do in the market place but they do not cheer you or your health on, because it’s not in their business model.  The business that supermarkets are in is of having products for the masses, for the average.  This is why you will not find GreenSky on their shelves anytime soon.  Veggie Pods are designed for smart people who seriously care about their health - we do not use manufactured flavours or fabricated colour.  We’ve made the strong decision to commit to only work with Australian certified organic whole food ingredients so that you can trust all GreenSky’s products are created to be very VERY good for your body.


5 May 2022

The Market Has Spoken

Our customers are very smart.

OUR CUSTOMERS have helped us uncover even more benefits of having a daily Veggie Pod.  This is what they have shared:

A tasty way to add greens to my diet. 
Reduces hunger.
Retains fibers.
Takes less time to breakdown food.
Gives me a chance to include new foods.
Reduces fat.
Makes it easy to absorb nutrients.

This feedback just gives GreenSky deeper and deeper insights into understanding even more about the power of this product.  

Thank you to our customers. 🌿


7 April 2022

Physical Therapy

For many ailments, physical therapy shows some of the best results. 

We can learn a lot from this in almost all areas of our life. Physical therapy often works better than pills or surgery. Here’s why:

– it’s self-produced. Even though we work with a professional, it’s done BY us, not TO us.

– it’s gradual. No one gets better after one session. 

– it puts our own resources to work to create the change we seek.

– it’s simple. There’s no magic involved, just directed, persistent effort based on science and testing.

– it takes effort. If you want something easy, you’re in the wrong place.


11 March 2022



“I’d like corn for dinner.”

So, six months ago, you’ll need to plant the corn so you can harvest it today and cook it tonight.

Or you can drive to the weekend farmer’s market, buy a few ears and have it tonight.

Or you can walk over to the supermarket and get a can.

Or you can press this button on your phone and dinner will be here in twenty minutes.



I wrote this newsletter but I didn’t program the website.

Everything we do uses materials and tools that were made by someone else. When we wrote a newsletter 20 years ago, we spent a lot of time and effort printing then mailing it that you could type up today and send to thousands in less than an hour.

Which part are you going to do yourself?

If you’re a photographer, does it make sense to edit your own work, or should you send it out to someone who is twice as good, half the price and faster than you are?

What are you doing today that only you can do? What will you outsource so that you can keep doing that?

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