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Monthly Newsletter

7 November 2023


Improve your yesterday.

Understand you’re personally responsibility.

Set the bar properly low to be manageable. Don’t try too hard. Just start something that you know will improve you from yesterday. Set yourself a goal you can obtain, especially if you’re not in very good shape. It might not be very glorious but it’s better then nothing and its way better than blaming or justifying.

Be grateful for what you have and notice how everything gets better.

Take an incremental step. Start with drinking just water every day for a week. Then add a veggie pod to your morning routine - that is one step on a very long journey - and it starts to compound which means your next step will be slightly more challenging the next week.

Do that for 2-3 weeks and you start to stride. It's the right way forward.

When you start to succeed, you succeed more rapidly.

I chat with dozens of people every week -it’s always about this “I wasn’t doing very well... I made a few changes... I’m feeling better in my body and with my body.” “I’m getting a lot more out of my work because I’m not so tired anymore.” “Thanks a lot, I feel much better.” YES!! That’s it!

You can be more than what you are. Aim for that. Sky x


4 October 2023

Greenspiration: Nourishing Your Day with Veggie Pods & More!

Greens offer more than just vitamins and minerals – they're packed with essential fiber that promotes digestion and supports overall health. Fibre-rich leafy greens can help you feel full and satisfied, making it easier to maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Dive into these leafy wonders and give your body the fibre-fueled boost it craves. 🌿💚


1 September 2023

🍋 Nutrients vs 💊Supplements 

In the pursuit of optimal health, the age-old debate between whole foods and supplements continues to captivate health enthusiasts.

🌿 Whole foods nourishment 🌿

While supplements offer convenience, the undeniable truth is that whole foods remain the cornerstone of a balanced diet. Whole foods provide an intricate symphony of nutrients, fibers, and bioactive compounds that work in harmony to nourish our bodies. Unlike isolated supplements, whole foods offer a spectrum of nutrients that can't be replicated in a pill. Embracing a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins provides a holistic approach to wellness that nurtures our body, mind, and soul.

At GreenSky, we believe in the power of whole foods. Our Veggie Pods are a testament to this philosophy, delivering a convenient and delicious way to incorporate nutrient-dense organic greens into your daily routine. Remember, while supplements can play a role in specific situations, there's no substitute for the wholesome goodness of nature's bounty. Let's celebrate the beauty of whole foods together and nourish our bodies with the bounty they provide.

Wishing you vibrant health, Sky x


1 August 2023

This month is all about self care 💚

Treating yourself to the simple joys of life is important!   

Nothing says self-care like fresh cut flowers and a box of GreenSky Veggie Pods. 💕

🌿 Self-Care: 6 Practices for a Healthier You 🌿

I wanted to share some self-care practices that have been bringing me a lot of joy and well-being lately. Life can get busy, but taking the time to care for ourselves is so important. 

Here are six practices that have made a real difference in my life.

Stick to a Schedule

I've found that having a daily routine helps me stay focused and less stressed. It's comforting to know what to expect each day and carve out time for self-care.

Evaluate Your Habits

I took some time to reflect on my habits and realized that some weren't serving me well. So, I've been letting go of the ones that don't align with my values and goals. Bye-Bye negative self talk!

Embrace Stillness

I've been practicing meditation and yoga to find moments of peace and quiet. These moments of stillness help me recharge and stay centered.

Exercise daily

Whether it's a morning swim or a gym session, moving my body daily has been a game-changer. I feel energised and more positive throughout the day making me physically stronger to create our delicious veggie pods.

Nurture with Nutrition

Veggie Pods are a convenient and effective way to get my daily dose of organic greens and feel amazing about my choices.

Prioritise Sleep

A consistent sleep schedule has been essential for my overall well-being. I've noticed that when I get enough rest, I feel more focused and happier.



Share the love by referring to friends and be rewarded Loyalty Reward Points

12 July 2023

Exciting news!
GreenSky Organic is thrilled to introduce our brand-new online loyalty rewards program. Now, every time you make a purchase, you'll earn reward points that can be redeemed for Veggie Pod purchases. But that's not all – we're also giving you the opportunity to share the love and earn even more reward points by referring your friends!


1 June 2023

Opting for a simpler life. It is not uncommon nowadays for people to move out of town or downsize to Tiny Homes and a simpler life.

We loved hearing that a customer shopping at Green Haven Stall, Wamuran in Queensland bought a box of our Greens pods saying 'It's perfect, these are all the greens I need! I don't have any space for much produce because I live in a van!

Thanks for taking us on your adventures! Keep living your best life! x Sky


10 May 2023


As the world continues to prioritise health and wellness, we've noticed a few exciting trends emerging that perfectly complement our mission to provide delicious, nutrient-dense produce to support a healthy lifestyle:
1. growing awareness of the link between chronic diseases and poor dietary choices.
2. plant-based diet can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
3. functional foods... foods that provide additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

2 March 2023

EEEW, Veggies!!


If you know my story, you will understand that the reason I created the GreenSky Organic veggie pods was because of my dislike for veggies.  Some of us, for all sorts of reasons, just struggle with eating veggies.

If you're not a fan of the taste or smell of green vegetables either, I HEAR YOU!!  So don't worry - you can always try blending them into a delicious smoothie with other ingredients like fruit or yogurt to mask their flavour while still getting all the essential nutrients they provide.

Life has turned around since having these daily pods (sometimes I even sneak in a couple) just because I love the convenience and they just make me feel in tip top shape.

1 February 2023

Modern Health


The popularity of fitness technology, supplements and 24/7 fitness centre means that ordinary people now have access to better health information which was previously limited.

However, fad diets are still thriving with social media contributing to a toxic diet culture.  Common advise on how to lose weight or get "healthy" is actually having the opposite effect and could be downright dangerous.

Invest your time with a professional who has spent 10s of 1,000s of hours studying the effects, rather than on a social influencer.

In my experience, health success is reached by being specific about what I am wanting to achieve, getting the right support for my personal health, action the plan, and ignore the distractions.

Sky x

3 January 2023

The One Thing

New Year.  New Beginning.

2023 is now but for me 2022 has unfinished business.  I have commitments that I began in 2018 which are in the midst of being achieved.  Goals and setting them is about routine, repetition and showing up regularly.  Commitment.

There is something comforting about christmas and boxing day being behind us.  

With stuffed bellies and shopping centres open in full force, there is a hint in the air of a new beginning.  

A bright shiny new page to start writing on and in there for most people is HEALTH!

I have found that working on ONE goal that is worth committing to, your MOST important goal, and repeating it daily at a doable time is not only incredibly rewarding, it makes everything else in life easier.

All the other small tasks that are annoying distraction disguised as "urgent" can be completed after the daily commitment to that ONE goal.

What it really gives me is the opportunity to FOCUS on making the biggest difference in my world.

So what is your ONE thing going to be this year, the one single commitment that would challenge and grow your life in baby steps?

No matter what it is, you got this! 🌿🌿🥒🥒🥳🥳🌼🌼

BOOK The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan "What's the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?" This is one of my all time favourite books.  Sky x

1 December 2022

Mood Food

9 healthy foods to lift your mood

1. Fatty Fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may lower your risk of depression.

2. Dark Chocolate is rich in compounds that may increase feel-good chemicals in your brain.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables such as bok choy and kale helps to reduce inflammation in the brain associated with cognitive decline.

4. Bananas are a great source of natural sugar, vitamin B6, and prebiotic fibre, which work together to keep your blood sugar levels and mood stable.

5. Oates provide fibre that can stabilise your blood sugar levels and boost your mood. They’re also high in iron, which may improve mood symptoms in those with iron deficiency anaemia. 

6. Berries are rich in disease-fighting anthocyanin, which may lower your risk of depression. 

7. Nuts & seeds such as Brazil nuts, almonds, pine nuts and flaxseeds (linseeds) are high in tryptophan, zinc, and selenium, which may support brain function and lower your risk of depression. 

8. Coffee provides numerous compounds, including caffeine and chlorogenic acid, that may boost your mood. Research suggests that decaf coffee may even have an effect.

9. Beans & lentils are rich sources of mood-boosting nutrients, particularly B vitamins.

The Bottom Line when feeling blue, you may crave calorie-rich, high sugar foods like ice cream or biscuits to try to lift your spirits.

While this might give you a sugar rush, it’s unlikely to help you in the long term — and may have negative consequences as well.

Instead, you should aim for wholesome foods that have been shown to not only boost your mood but also your overall health. Try out some of the foods above to kick-start your positivity routine.


1 November 2022

The youth of today have so much more information on health which HUGELY inspires us!
Growing bodies and those that are making their mark in the world will only benefit from loading their body with goodness and top nutrition.
Fast food that is healthy for those late night Uni studies and fun times! 


13 September 2022

National Organic Product of the Year

We only work with fresh, certified organic, all Australian ingredients.  We support local organic farmers and customers who prioritise their choice for organic products.


1 August 2022

Beauty is a signal

It's time to talk about it.


Beauty, the signal for a mate. 

Good skin or lots of muscles is an assumption of our health and it communicates our ability of bringing offspring into the world.  This instinct is practically like being able to read genetic code.

Essentially, when we put resources into being healthy, we are sending signals of our ability.  It tells others how capable we are of contributing towards our family, our community and the world around us.

It turns out that being more attractive is as simple as being more healthy, and that we have a choice to make things better.

Seek out actual, useful and honest signals of beauty with incredible outcomes.  Find one simple health choice that makes an enormous difference.

And know that Ugg boots, like high heels, are also a signal of beauty. 


27 June 2022

How you can tell it's working

7 signs your nutritional plan is working.

Within the first few days you may feel more energized, alert and less bloated. After the first full week or two, you may experience changes in body composition, skin complexion and your mood. After a month and onward, you may have dropped some extra weight, lowered cholesterol levels and decreased high blood pressure.  It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”.

1. You feel satisfied after meals
2. You have more energy
3. You're sleeping better
4. You have a regular bowel movement
5. You're in a better mood
6. Your immune system becomes stronger
7. You have increased mental alertness


1 June 2022

Average stuff to average people

What we ask for, what we buy, what we pay for is what supermarkets respond to...…the Supermarket is not your friend.  The supermarket doesn’t care about your health.  They react to whatever it is that you do in the market place but they do not cheer you or your health on, because it’s not in their business model.  The business that supermarkets are in is of having products for the masses, for the average.  This is why you will not find GreenSky on their shelves anytime soon.  Veggie Pods are designed for smart people who seriously care about their health - we do not use manufactured flavours or fabricated colour.  We’ve made the strong decision to commit to only work with Australian certified organic whole food ingredients so that you can trust all GreenSky’s products are created to be very VERY good for your body.


5 May 2022

The Market Has Spoken

Our customers are very smart.

OUR CUSTOMERS have helped us uncover even more benefits of having a daily Veggie Pod.  This is what they have shared:

A tasty way to add greens to my diet. 
Reduces hunger.
Retains fibers.
Takes less time to breakdown food.
Gives me a chance to include new foods.
Reduces fat.
Makes it easy to absorb nutrients.

This feedback just gives GreenSky deeper and deeper insights into understanding even more about the power of this product.  

Thank you to our customers. 🌿


7 April 2022

Physical Therapy

For many ailments, physical therapy shows some of the best results. 

We can learn a lot from this in almost all areas of our life. Physical therapy often works better than pills or surgery. Here’s why:

– it’s self-produced. Even though we work with a professional, it’s done BY us, not TO us.

– it’s gradual. No one gets better after one session. 

– it puts our own resources to work to create the change we seek.

– it’s simple. There’s no magic involved, just directed, persistent effort based on science and testing.

– it takes effort. If you want something easy, you’re in the wrong place.


11 March 2022



“I’d like corn for dinner.”

So, six months ago, you’ll need to plant the corn so you can harvest it today and cook it tonight.

Or you can drive to the weekend farmer’s market, buy a few ears and have it tonight.

Or you can walk over to the supermarket and get a can.

Or you can press this button on your phone and dinner will be here in twenty minutes.



I wrote this newsletter but I didn’t program the website.

Everything we do uses materials and tools that were made by someone else. When we wrote a newsletter 20 years ago, we spent a lot of time and effort printing then mailing it that you could type up today and send to thousands in less than an hour.

Which part are you going to do yourself?

If you’re a photographer, does it make sense to edit your own work, or should you send it out to someone who is twice as good, half the price and faster than you are?

What are you doing today that only you can do? What will you outsource so that you can keep doing that?

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