New Veggie Pod Box.  Same Goodness.

Why The Rebrand

GreenSky was the very first ‘ah-ha’ business name, that came to me when sitting on my balcony, while deciding on a business concept -“but who would even know what that means???”.  So I registered Green Smoothies because the business was originally about manufacturing smoothie kits, it was on trend, and the domain name Green-Smoothies was available.

My friend, Grace Rea gifted me the original logo, staring an iconic milkshake glass, wrapped in a green sash with a lolly pop spiral background.  Super cute, friendly and colourful.

Once launching Green Smoothies, I better understood the true healing power of real (whole) food, specifically organic, and how enormously manipulative all foods, good and bad, are to the body.  We know how important vegetables are, but there is a whole level of food related chronic diseases we are only now waking up to.  Within the month of launching Green Smoothies, I made the decision work only with 100% organic, all Australian ingredients.

6 months after launching, my sister Amber, encouraged me to trademark the business, siting potential growth. At that stage, all I wanted to do was share with friends and family who were too busy to make their own smoothies; and have enough money to take my children on a holiday.  With Amber’s encouragement, and the guidance of a trademark lawyer (who gently educated me in the facts of trademark branding) “you cannot trademark common words like green smoothies, the name must be unique”… my ‘ah-ha’ business name GreenSky was then launched.

A chance meeting with a chef and health coach Patricia Fredrick, reminded me that this product is “food first” and that veggie pods encourage people to eat the essentials - increasing their vegetable intake.  Around that time an alarming study came out stating that 1 in 4 Americans have never eaten vegetables. [Dr Praeger’s Veggie Tracker].  This highlighted how most Australians have a poor diet which is why obesity, diabetes and bowel cancer are the biggest killers in Australia.  [Australian Government: Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing]

Great health means going back to nature.  “We are what we eat.” Hippocrates

Rethinking the importance of GreenSky veggie pods and how convenient, easy and smart it is for busy people, meant that the brand needed an update to better reflect this. 

My friend and mentor Margaret Kirby, gave me a day of brand modelling to adjusted the business’s ethos: Fresh, Organic, Simple, Growth, Wellbeing.  Margaret introduced me to graphic designer, Rita Kinsella who instinctively created a simple, clean and balanced logo that embodied what GreenSky has lovingly created for you: Veggie Pods: Your Leafy Greens for the Week.

I hope that you enjoy your Veggie Pods even more, knowing that the new box is from recycled material, is compostable and recyclable.  All feedback is good feedback.  I invite you to comment below.

Sky x

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Such an improvement Sky the rebrand successfully articulates the why & what

Lisa Cavallaro

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