The more bitter the BETTER

The more bitter the BETTER

My friend Wendy has returned back to the Veggie Pod. "The first time I bought the box, I forced myself to have it knowing it was healthy but found it too bitter.  I am trying it again because I know I need to do something about my health.  Do you have any suggestions?" 

I know this scenario too well.  My personal journey was a life time of avoiding vegetables and got very sick due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals only plant food carry.  My palate was out of balance because I was only experiencing meals loaded with sugar and salt.  This left my gut health a mess which meant limited immunity to the common cold.

For Wendy (and for humans) it is important that she balances her health through diet (and exercise).  Bitter foods will help her body absorb vitamins and minerals better.  If it is a turn off, then she will miss out on feeling better, more energised and to be able to do all the things she has to do anyway, but with greatly improved ability.

If you are a "picky eater", the wonderful thing about the Veggie Pod is that you can personalise it.  The flavours of kale, parsley and spinach can be easily masked when added to juice or blended with fruit.

Wendy "I did it! I added it to a glass of freshly squeezed OJ and there was no aftertaste - a perfect suggestion.  Thank you so much!  I am on my way to be healthier." writes Bitter foods sometimes get a bad rap in the culinary world since their strong flavours can be off-putting to picky eaters. 

However, bitter foods are incredibly nutritious and contain a wide variety of plant-based chemicals that have significant health benefits.

Some of these benefits include a lower risk of many diseases — including cancer, heart disease and diabetes — and better gut, eye and liver health.

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