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COMBO Greens

COMBO Greens

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COMBO Greens The Ultimate Blend of Taste and Convenience

Introducing COMBO Greens, your daily go-to for a vibrant blend of leafy goodness. Our signature Grow and Nurture blends bring together the best selection of greens, packaged into practical Veggie Pods for ease and versatility. Each COMBO Greens pack offers a delightful mix, perfect for enhancing your meals with a burst of freshness.

GROW  Your daily boost of greens, packed with Iron, Folate, Vitamins A, and C for immune support, vision, and skin health, plus reduced fatigue.  Veggie Pods 5 x 110g 

NURTURE A soothing, low oxalate blend of greens for everyday wellness. Packed with nutrients, low in calories, and high in fibre. Aids in reducing blood cholesterol and supports digestive health. Rich in Vitamin C for iron absorption and immune support. Veggie Pods 5x 110g

Here’s why COMBO Greens is a great choice for your daily routine:

  • Rich Nutrient Profiles: Each pod is packed with a variety of greens, chosen for their vibrant flavours and natural goodness.
  • Daily Convenience: With pre-portioned pods, integrating leafy greens into your diet has never been easier. Whether blended into a smoothie or tossed into a salad, these pods save you time and hassle.
  • Diverse Culinary Uses: Bored of the same old meals? Combo Greens adds a new dimension to your cooking, bringing excitement back to your eating habits with minimal effort.


Frozen for Freshness: Delivered frozen to preserve their natural taste and quality, COMBO Greens veggie pods ensure you have access to premium greens anytime.

Elevate your meals and enjoy the convenience of having nutritious greens at your fingertips with COMBO Greens. Perfect for everyone seeking to add a fresh touch to their culinary creations!

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