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COMBO Greens

COMBO Greens

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G1 & G2 Veggie Pod Boxes

7 x 110g G1 Veggie Pods

7x 110g G2 Veggie Pods

A combination of Greens-1 & Greens-2 increase your consumption of a wider variety of vegetables, which is crucial for promoting better health.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Enhanced intake of important nutrients
  2. Support for gut health, immunity, and heart health
  3. Reduction of boredom and fatigue associated with limited food choices

Each pod contains a recommended serving of greens for daily consumption, promoting skin and body hydration, nourishment, balance, and restoration of a healthy appearance.

As a blend of whole foods, veggie pods offer a wealth of nutrients and fiber while being low in calories. Consuming a diet rich in leafy greens with ingredients that improve nutrient absorption can yield numerous health benefits, such as decreased likelihood of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cognitive decline.


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