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Veggie Pod Box x4
Veggie Pod Box x4
Veggie Pod Box x4
Veggie Pod Box x4
Veggie Pod Box x4

Veggie Pod Box x4

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Eat food, not too much, mostly plant” Michael Pollan

Plant-based diets appear to give a significantly longer life expectancy. Consistent daily Veggie Pod consumption closes the gap on insufficient vegetable intake, making vegetables easier and more convenient to manage daily.

The blending is already done for you, so there is no effort or waste.

Freezing all the goodness conserves each Veggie Pod's nutritional value. Nothing is lost... the seeds, stems, pith, pulp, and skins are all combined, even a little lemon rind, to maintain essential whole food nutrients.

Suitable for adults and children, using Veggie Pods saves time, money and effort while providing the delicious goodness of convenient organic whole foods.

Veggie Pod Boxes

7 x 110g Blended Vegetable Pods in each box
Your Leafy Greens for the Day in One Little Pod