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It is not a choice but a necessity.

Totally Local

All produce sourced from certified organic farms here in Australia, the majority being grown in Queensland (where your Veggie Pods are created).

Absolutely Organic

Organic farming is definitely a labour of love, but we believe in the benefits of organic food and in delivering you only the best for your body.


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Less Waste

Waste Designed Out.

Every element of our production and packaging has been carefully considered to reduce materials used, enable reuse and ensure recyclability. The GreenSky team want you to feel great knowing that you can have health and convenience without lots of waste to landfill.


Food waste reduced. Almost all of the raw ingredients go directly into the blender – skin, stems and all... even some of the lemon rind!

What we do...

The rest of the lemon rind we don't use, goes to our friends at where it is directly used as a core ingredient in their fermenting process.

Cardboard boxes are returned to the produce suppliers or recycled in the yellow bins.

Soft plastics recycled. All soft plastics are dropped off to RedCycle for recycling.

Most of our farmers know not to bind GreenSky’s ingredients with rubber bands, but they do get repurposed in our kitchen.


Simplicity to reduce waste. We designed our packaging to be minimal, durable and recyclable. We don’t want you to have to send anything to landfill when you buy from GreenSky Organic.

What you can do...

Return the box for reuse. We will happily repack or take back your undamaged box and reuse it where possible.

Recycle the box. Flatten and place in your yellow lidded recycling bin. Each box is made from 100% cardboard.

Compost by burying an open box and filling it up to the edge with organic matter.

Recyce the Pod. Rinse and place in a yellow lid recycling bin. It is made from recyclable BPA free PET plastic.

Recycle the Pod film. Rinse the soft plastic film used to seal your Veggie Pod and drop off at the soft plastic bin at any Coles or Woolworths.

100% Organic

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