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Basil Berry Protein Shake


250ml purified water OR coconut water
1-2 cups mixed berries. (frozen or fresh)
1½ scoops vanilla protein powder
1 GreenSky veggie pod (3 tbs)
5-10 fresh basil leaves
1tbs hemp or chia seeds
6 ice cubes (either blended with
shake ingredients or pour over ice after blending)
Optional: 1 tsp psyllium husk
Optional: 1-2 tbs maple syrup or honey or 1 date


Blend in a high-speed blender until smooth

​​Big bang! Beautiful berries with all of those antioxidant properties which the brain just loves. For the extra wow factor the protein and fibre especially for those who are not getting enough fibre. You're getting your greens and reds and it's super yummy. Basil have essential oils, good for digestion and bad breath!!

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